TYPE is the epitome of a great public relations company. They really get under the skin of every campaign to understand its nuances and create a bespoke approach, which is a rare quality. Accidental Records are known for putting out challenging music, but Type have taken everything we’ve thrown in their direction in stride, delivering very impressive results even within tight deadlines. TYPE may be an external PR company, but they feel very much a part of our team, and working with them is a real pleasure.
Amelia Ideh, Marketing Manager (Accidental Records)

TYPE are an energised collective, who wear their hearts of their sleeves in relation to the projects they choose to work on. In this day and age, it’s refreshing to find musical beliefs being transparently presented to the wider world.
James Brooks, Land Observations (Mute Records)

We were very impressed with TYPE’s knowledge of the music we represent and their ability to understand our PR needs. TYPE converted this into both national and local visibility in the press for the festival which we had not enjoyed in the three years before.
Claudia Molitor, Director (Soundwaves Festival, UK)

One of the aspects that would highlight the work with Jeff (TYPE) is related to the fact that the label adds another member to our team every time we collaborate, such is the urgency he engages with each edition. Moreover, it is remarkable how they keep us informed throughout each campaign. Its secret lies in the way it combines an extremely competent work with sympathy and humility, as we know, there is no formula to act like that.    
Artur Alexio, Label Manager (LebensStrasse Records)

TYPE did an excellent job in the promotion of SEMIBREVE Festival. Besides their very professional work, Jeff and Richard are really nice people. It has been a pleasure to work with them.
Luis Fernandes, Curator (Semibreve Festival, Portugal)

Jeff worked with us for the sun glitters – high ep release. We found him to be incredibly easy-going and fantastic to work with. His promotion for this EP really paid off and that is a great credit to Jeff considering the release was vinyl only. We would recommend him to anyone and will hopefully work with him again for future releases.
Cillian McDonnell, Label Manager (music/is/for/losers)

Press Clippings

Below you can see a selection of press bits obtained as a result of various campaigns. Out of respect to the publications that have featured the artists we work with, we have only included limited feature/review scans and screenshots. Please let us know if you’d like more info on previous campaign results.